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Lake Champlain Founded 1936

2010 Race Results

 November 20th is the last day the J's will race!

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Something to Think About...

Trying to swim with foul weather gear on is really tiring.  The water is warm right now; I challenge you to jump off the dock in your foul weather gear and tread water for 5 minutes.  Just make sure you do it near the ladder.  5 minutes is probably the best case for retrieving a person who  has fallen off a boat.  Now add in waves and the shock of getting knocked  off the boat and it gets even scarier.

The next time you are reaching for a rain jacket, consider putting your life jacket on as well.  They are surprisingly warm and, as an added bonus, they will keep you afloat!




Benedict Arnold Race - 09OCT10

Tuesday Laser Results

Fall Midweek3 23SEP10

Etchells New England Championship 9/18-19/2010

Fall Midweek Overall

Fall Midweek 2 - 16SEP10

Fall Midweek 1 - 09SEP10

Summer Midweek Overall

August Series

Midweek 15 - 02SEP10

Long Distance Race - 28AUG10

Midweek 14 - 26AUG10

Midweek 13 - 19AUG10

Chiott Cup/J24 Fleet 23 Championship - 14-15AUG10

Vermont Open - 14-15AUG10

Midweek 12 - 12AUG10

Midweek 11 - 05AUG10

July Series

Midweek 10 - 29JUL10

Midweek 9 - 22JUL10

Finch Cup - 19JUL10

Lake Champlain Race - 17JUL10

Midweek 8 - 15JUL10

Midweek 7 - 08JUL10

Ethan Allen Regatta - 04JUL10

Midweek 6 - 01JUL10

June Series

Midweek 5 - 24JUN10

Royal Savage - 19JUN10

Midweek 4 - 17JUN10

Double Handed Race - 12JUN10

Midweek 3 - 10JUN10 - No race results

Lightning Spring Regatta

Midweek 2 - 03JUN10

Coffee Pot Race - 29MAY10

Midweek 1 - 27MAY10









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