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of the
Lake Champlain PHRF Committee

Our Mission

As long as boats of different designs have raced against one another, skippers have sought an equitable method of handicapping. Various systems have been tried based on performance, hull measurement, or a combination of both.

The Lake Champlain Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (LCPHRF) is comprised of representatives from boat clubs and racing authorities.  These representatives make up the LCPHRF Committee.   LCPHRF  has chosen to utilize the PHRF system for rating racing boats.   It is the intent of the LCPHRF Committee to provide and oversee a rating system that reflects current boat conditions, is open to scrutiny by the member organizations and allows each organization to understand how the rating of each boat has been calculated. 

Contact Information

2024 - LC-PHRF Committee Members

Mark Damico, MBBC
Bob Turnau, LCYC, 
Mark Gardner, MBBC,
Benedek Erdos, DIYC

Tristram Coffin, LCYC