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Malletts Bay Boat Club
Lake Champlain Founded 1936



Tuesday Evening Laser Series

General Description:  An evening series for Lasers and other board boats.

Dates:  See Schedule at

Eligibility:  Open to members and non-members.

Classes:  Any board class with 3 or more boats.

Registration:  At the Race Committee Boat Course: 

Same as One-Design Series.
Starting Times and Sequence: See Calendar

Course and postponement signals may be made orally. Audible signals shall govern, even when supplemental visual signals are also used. The starting sequence shall consist of the following sound signals made at the indicated times:
Signal Sound    Time before start
Warning: 3 long    3 minutes
      -2 long    2 minutes
      -1 long  and 3 short    1 minute 30 seconds
      -1 long    1 minute
      -3 short    30 seconds
      -2 short    20 seconds
      -1 short    10 seconds
      -1 short    5 seconds
      -1 short    4 seconds
      -1 short    3 seconds
      -1 short    2 seconds
      -1 short    1 second
      -Start: 1 long  

Signals shall be timed from their commencement.  A series of short signals may be made before the sequence begins in order to attract attention. Individual recalls shall be signaled by the hail of the sail number (or some other clearly distinguishing feature) of each recalled boat. Flag X need not be displayed. Failure of a competitor to hear an adequate course, postponement, starting sequence or recall signal shall not be grounds for redress.

Scoring: The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016 ISAF Rule 90.3 and Appendix A. Each boat's series score shall be the total excluding 25% of the worst scores. Any fraction will be rounded up. If a boat has two or more equal worst scores, the score(s) for the race(s) sailed earliest in the series shall be excluded. The boat with the lowest series score wins and others shall be ranked accordingly. Canceled races do not count in the overall score.

Awards:  The Lake Champlain Laser Fleet Trophies for both men and women. Schedule is available at


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